“We companion with Doge and Shina Inu, for a better community and for animals.”

Differ from other cryptocurrency in the financial market at the moment, we are born with the lofty mission, and above that, Caeser has obvious history of existence. Moreover, it has a method of token is much more explicit than any project.


Altcoin was created and companions with Doge and Shiba Inu, which are fond of by many people. In addition, they are pets of human in reality. Therefore, they are searched and popularized widely in the world.



Our target is not profit. Caeser is aiming for gathering Caeser owners so as to support each other to operate effectively, which helps to develop the community. In other words, our target is to lift Caeser’s value up to a new elevation, to reach its currently bringing mission. 


Probably due to Caeser’s extraordinary characters, it now has a lot of support from investors when they realize human values and professional ethics. Once again, our mission is peace all over the world.

Our big community is about to prevent animal creuelty by supporting Animals Protection Fellowship that develop for years.


For many people, they wish to use cryptocurrency in order to raise money for a certain mission: building up peace all over the world.


Undoubtedly, because of these social activities, Caeser has deep affection from the majority of people in the world. As a result, value of Caeser is already affirmed.


CAESER raises money for preventing animal creuelty, more seriously, pet eating.


CAESER propagandises not hunting and eating wild animals such as snakes, pangolins, weasels, etc.


CAESER supports veterinary science when natural disasters and epidemic diseases happen, to assure that animals are free to move, to eat and drink, and are exploited reasonably.

CAESER propagandises treating animals by love and respect.


CAESER raises awareness of the public about animals’ right of existence.


We explain and persuade Association for Protection of Animals all over the world to be aware of abuse acts, due to underdeveloped religious custom from time immemorial, based on owners’ CAESER community.